Wednesday, 7 February 2018

"Another World" Audio Sampler

I am happy to present this short audio sampler of excerpts from "Another World" my collaboration with Robert Jurjendal...see previous post here.

Release is set for March 9th via Cargo Distribution and pre-orders are available now on the link below:

Friday, 19 January 2018

"Another World" with Robert Jurjendal

I am happy to announce another forthcoming collaborative release for the coming months, an album of instrumental tracks with Estonian guitarist Robert Jurjendal.

Given the popularity and ubiquity and sometimes plain obviousness of the guitar, I never seem to have any trouble connecting and working with interesting, innovative and unique players who have developed their own singular and original approach to the instrument, I am not going to list any, since I am bound to forget someone…but anyone going backwards through these posts can find out who they are...

Anyway, I first heard Robert play with the ambient outfit “Slow Electric”, a joint UK/Estonian collaboration featuring English singer/songwriter Tim Bowness, with whom of course I’ve also played and recorded with.

It is said that opposites attract but I also think it’s true that like attracts like, I am naturally drawn to the “less is more” minimal approach and it was a straightforward thing to link up with Robert as I could easily detect the expansiveness in his musical approach, and for myself, I've always felt that creating a sense of space in music is one of my primary objectives as a bass player, the lacuna being just as important, if not more so, than the occupied frequencies.

Although I spent a good deal of time working on my parts of our album in the confines of my sunlight free basement studio (AKA Nightspace), for me the album is infused with a real sense of openness born from the beautiful medieval city of Tallinn, where I spent an all too short time exploring whilst playing with Ex-Wise Heads, and where Robert and I first started the seeds of our collaboration.

Searching for another “voice” to add depth to our compositions, we were extremely happy to receive the electronic contributions from Isak Nygaard, whose incredibly intricate and detailed programming and sonic manipulations both supplemented and complimented what we sent him.

The final ingredient is the expressive and stirring trumpet of Ian Dixon, a friend from long ago and far away (currently a resident of Melbourne, Australia) who’s also graced several Ex-Wise Heads tracks in the past, not to mention his work in another common thread, the band No-Man. Ian has recently been performing all over the world with legendary Ethiopian musician Mulate Astatke but I am happy to say, he found time to add his highly imaginative, intense and inspired voice to “Another World”.

More details will follow as a release date is firmed up, but for now I'd like to share this cover image by Kitty Jurjendal:

Click the following link for Pre-Order via Burning Shed:

Thursday, 11 January 2018

New Twinscapes for 2018....

I am happy to say this year will see the release of a second Twinscapes album, with Lorenzo Felicaiti and myself joined by Roberto Gualdi on drums and also on some tracks by percussionist Andi Pupato.
More news on this when I have it, as we are still in the closing stages of making the album, but for the remainder of January, the album can be pre-ordered with all other upcoming Rarenoise releases, as part of their yearly  "Leap of Faith", please see below for an audio track:

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Hypersomniac Live

Very pleased to announce that I'll be joining my O.R.k. bandmate Lef for some live shows based around his brand new multimedia album project "Hypersomniac"

First show is confirmed for April 20th in Oslo at the Roverstaden, please see FB event page here.

Live line up will be: 

Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari Eivind Aarset Ståle Storløkken Torstein Lofthus Colin Edwin, featuring Nils Petter Molvaer

..very much looking forward to it.

Best to all for the New Year!


Wednesday, 27 December 2017

"Capture or Reveal" - Live in Studio

I'm getting myself ready for the upcoming O_R_k live dates, and here is a "LiveStudioDistanceRehearsalRecording" version of "Capture or Reveal" from the most recent album "Soul of an Octopus", magically concocted live from multiple simultaneous timezones, and featuring our guest cellist/vocalist Eleuteria Arena. We'll all be in the same place and time at the following dates very soon... 
Best Wishes to all for the New Year!
*** #TURNINGWILDTOUR2018 *** w/ LizZard
5/1 Roma (IT) - Planet (opening Marco Machera)
6/1 Lugagnano/Verona (IT) - Club Il Giardino
7/1 Firenze (IT) - Viper
9/1 Munich (DE) - Backstage
10/1 Kufstein (AU) - Kulturfabrik Kufstein
11/1 Lubiana (SLO) - Channel Zero
12/1 Novo Mesto (SK) - Blue Note
13/1 Brno (CZ) - Sono Centrum
14/1 Reichenbach (DE) - Bergkeller
16/1 Hamburg (DE) - Logo
17/1 Frankfurt (DE) - Das Bett
19/1 Vaureal/Paris (FR) - Le Forum
20/1 Amsterdam (NL) - Melkweg
22/1 Dortmund (DE) - Musiktheater Piano
23/1 London (UK)
26/1 Barcelona (ES) - Razz Matazz3
27/1 Madrid (ES) - Caracol
28/1 Lisbon (PT) - RCA Club

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Burnt Belief - Anniversary of the End of the World

It's been quite some time since Burnt Belief decided to mark the end of the world with the release of our eponymous debut album.

For us Armageddon certainly proved to be an auspicious event since Jon Durant and myself have completed a further two full length albums, and Jon also played a huge part in shaping my collaborative album with Ukrainian vocal duo Astarta, …and it's not finished yet, our collaborative journey into Ukrainian music is still ongoing, but more in that in due course.

For now, we've chosen to mark the anniversary of the end, by setting up a Bandcamp page where all three albums - Burnt Belief, Etymology and Emergent - are now available in the usual audio format options.

Happy Solstice to all....

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